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21 · he/him · Boston, MA


I'm Doktor! I'm a photographer, college student, and software developer. You can find my photos on my other website,

I'm a party-size blue dog with egg eyes. I exited beta testing in February 2016, and my current firmware version is 4.0.0.

My fursuit was made by the Mischief Makers in March 2017. Find me causing trouble at a convention near you!

I'm a staff member for Anthro New England, a convention held in Boston, MA. I'm part of the Photography Department. I organize and run the Photo Room, and photograph some mainstage events.

Follow me on Twitter for the latest blue dog news! I have accounts on many other sites as well; you can find links below.


I take a lot of photos. I post them on my photography website (Doktor Takes Photos) and Twitter.

I don't often take on private shoots or projects, but get in touch if you have ideas. If you want to support my work, please check out my Ko-fi page!


My primary programming language is Python. I use it for many of my personal projects, including this website, which is a tiny application running on Flask. I also have experience with C, C++, Java, Javascript, and LaTeX.

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I don't regularly use YouTube, Instagram, or FurAffinity; they're listed here for completeness.

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