blue dog · 24 · he/him · Boston, MA, USA

I'm Doktor! I live in Boston, Massachusetts. I like photography, computers, food, and fursuits.

I'm a photographer. I specialize in portraits, events, and nature. You can find my portfolio at and my complete works at I also post my photos on a variety of other platforms; you'll find links to those below.

I'm a staff member for Anthro New England (ANE), a furry convention held annually in Boston, MA. Barton and I run the Photography Department. I organize and run assorted fursuiting & photography events, including the Photo Room, Fursuit Group Photo, and Fursuit Parade.


I'm a blue dog! You can find all of the blue dog art that I've commissioned here.


My fursuit was made by the Mischief Makers! I received it in March 2017. You can find links to lots of blue dog fursuit photos below.


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^ volunteer, * staff