Blue Husky Territory

bark bark!


I'm Doktor (Dok), a photographer and student living in Boston, Massachusetts!

I'm most active on Twitter: follow me for photo album announcements and random tidbits about my life.


I'm a hobbyist photographer who enjoys taking photos of animal people. You can read more about that here!

You can find my photos on Twitter, Flickr, and my website. Flickr serves as a mirror for my website. I keep track of my photography workflow on Trello, and I update it frequently.

Ask about photoshoots! Twitter messages or emails are preferred. I can only arrange for photoshoots at conventions or furmeets (a list can be found at the bottom of the page), unless you live in New England.


Here are various projects that I've worked on, and other links of interest.


Here's a list of the conventions and meetups that I plan to attend.