(the husky)

I'm Doktor and I am certified furry trash.


Here are my recent projects.


One of my favorite hobbies is photography! The first convention I photographed was Anthro New England 2016. It only spirals downwards from there.

You can find all of my pictures on my Flickr photostream. If you're a fursuiter in any of the pictures and want a higher-resolution image without the watermark, please contact me! They're available free of charge.

Old projects

These are older projects which I may or may not longer maintain.


You can find me in a variety of other places on the Internet. In general, I use Doktor or DoktorTheHusky as my username. If you see a DoktorFox, DoktorTheFox, or DoktorRF, those are also me.


You can contact me through many methods. In order of preference: